Hall of Honor Recipients

2022 Winners

Col. Robert Doerr (Ret.) (1968), Sports & Entertainment

Robert Doerr graduated from the United States Air Force Academy in 1972 and earned a Masters in International Relations from Creighton University. He is the proud son of a World War II fighter pilot, who later became the Base Commander at Cannon Air Force Base.
Col. Doerr served for twenty-eight years in the USAF and specialized in criminal investigations and counterintelligence. His field of work brought him into close contact and coordination with the investigative and security agencies of many different countries and with the FBI and CIA. This background has helped him develop the fictional plots and characters in his books.
After retiring from the military, Robert Doerr became a full-time author with twelve mystery/thrillers and four middle grade fantasies currently published. His first two thriller novels are set in New Mexico. As a multi award winning author, he has received the Author of the Year


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Caleb Chandler (1961), Government & Service

Caleb Chandler has been dedicated to serving the citizens of Clovis and Curry County in numerous capacities. He served as a member of the Curry County Board of County Commissioners for four years and was Vice-Chairman and Chairman of that Board. He also served as Chairman of the New Mexico Association of County Commissioners. Caleb served as a New Mexico State Senator from 1977-1989, while also working as a law enforcement officer for 24 years with the Clovis Police Department, including being the Police Chief for eight years.
Caleb Chandler was a New Mexico Magistrate Judge for 12 years, and later was a Court Consultant, under contract with the Supreme Court of New Mexico, to train judges and create case management systems in courts. He also served Cannon Air Force Base as Curry County’s liaison to the Commander of the AFB and Air Force Special Operations. He took several trips to Washington DC and to the Pentagon to help foster and build a positive relationship between Curry County and the United States Air Force.
Noteworthy Service includes: The New Mexico State Penitentiary riot, which took place on February 2 and 3, 1980, was the most violent prison riot in U.S. history. Inmates took complete control of the prison and twelve officers were taken hostage. Governor Bruce King contacted Caleb Chandler and tasked him to regain control of the prison working with other law enforcement officers. Police regained control of the prison 36 hours after the riots had begun. By then, thirty-three inmates had died and more than two hundred were treated for injuries. None of the twelve officers taken hostage were killed, but seven suffered serious injuries.

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Dr. Ken Merritt (1965), Government & Service

Dr. Merritt received his Bachelors degree in Education from the University of New Mexico and his Masters degree in Psychology and Personnel Services from Eastern New Mexico University. After teaching in the Clovis Schools, he attended University of Missouri School of Dentistry and graduated in 1978. Dr. Merritt and his wife Marsha returned to Clovis, where they ran a successful community based dental practice for 37 years. He is currently a Clinical Assistant Professor at Midwestern University College of Dentistry.
Dr. Merritt has always been dedicated to serving his community. He served on the CMS School Board of Education for 16 years, the CMS Education Foundation Board, and the Clovis Community College Board of Trustees. Dr. Merritt has served on the Cannon Air Force Base Committee of Fifty and the Mental Health Resources Board serving Curry, Roosevelt, De Baca, and Quay Counties. He completed 12 years as a member of the ADA House of Delegates, chaired the New Mexico Health and Well Being Committee for 5 years and serves on the Council on Ethic, Bylaws and Judicial Affairs for the ADA.
Special work and notable awards include: Mission Trips to Guatemala to provide dental work and care to underserved populations and participation in a Mission of Mercy Event to provide dental work to underserved populations in Arizona. Recent awards include University of Missouri Kansas City Distinguished Alumni and New Mexico Dental Association Medal of Distinction.

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Joseph Roybal (1990), Business & Industry

Joseph Roybal attended New Mexico State University and received his Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering. He worked for Texas Instruments for 22 years, and held the titles of Director of Quality for the Analog Signal Chain, Director of Test Operations, where he led a 650-employee organization through an operations-wide transformation to increase efficiency, and Quality Manager for Texas Instruments’ first 300 mm factories. He has worked with automotive, industrial, communications and personal electronics customers, improving satisfaction through product quality, and account management.
He is currently Vice President, Global Back End Operations for Wolfspeed. In this role, he is responsible for global semiconductor backend operations that spans across Asia and the United States. Wolfspeed is the global leader in Silicon Carbide technology. It provides industry leading solutions for efficient energy consumption and a sustainable future.

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Dale Fullerton (1968), Top Cat Award

Dale Fullerton graduated from Portales High School in 1968 and received his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from Eastern New Mexico University. He began his coaching and teaching career in Clovis at Marshall Junior High School in 1974, and served the Clovis Schools in various capacities until his retirement in 2005. Dale’s additional positions included being a teacher and coach at Clovis High School, Principal at Marshall Junior High, and finally as Athletic Director for the Clovis Schools. After retirement from the Clovis Schools, he was the high school principal and then superintendent at Bovina, Texas over a seven-year period. Dale then returned to the Clovis Schools for another stint as Athletic Director and is currently the Golf Coach for Clovis High School. He has also spent a good part of his career as a basketball official.
Dale Fullerton has coached football, basketball, baseball, and golf for CMS that included 10 football State Championships and a basketball State Championship. His awards include: NMHSCA assistant coach of the year, AFLAC National Assistant Coach of the Year, inducted into the NMOA Hall of Fame and the NMAA Hall of Fame.
Dale Fullerton has committed 41 years of his life to the students of the Clovis Municipal Schools.

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Leslie Scroggins (1966), Top Cat Award

Leslie Scroggins graduated from Albuquerque’s Valley High School in 1966 and from Eastern New Mexico University with a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree. She began her teaching and coaching career in 1970 at Floyd, New Mexico. In 1971, Leslie began teaching at Gattis Junior High and coaching cheer, volleyball, basketball, gymnastics, and track. She then became the coach of the CHS Wildcadettes and continued to coach cheer and dance at Gattis. Leslie coached the Wildcadettes until 2000, and finally coached at Yucca Middle School. She was a CMS educator for 30 years and a coach for a total of 39 years. Leslie Scroggins has won countless awards for her teams both nationally and internationally and has touched thousands of lives through the program that she coached with discipline, love, and high expectations. Her awards include: Top Drill Team Director’s Award, Who’s Who Among American High School Teachers, President’s Award from American Dance Drill Team, Top Ten Drill Team Directors of America, Drill Team Directors of America Lifetime Achievement Award, and New Mexico Activities Association Coach of the Year. Leslie Scroggins’ CHS Wildcadettes won the National Championship at the Contest of Champions National Invitational in Orlando, Florida, for props in their division twice in four years. The Wildcadettes were the New Mexico Representatives to perform in Japan, and they were also invited to dance at the rededication of the Statue of Liberty in New York. Leslie Scroggins has devoted a large portion of her life to the students of Clovis Schools.   [metaslider id=”1820″]

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2021 Winners

Gayla Brumfield (1971), business and industry

Words of Advice from 2020 – 2021 Hall of Honor Inductee Gayla Brumfield: Never give up, ever. There is always a way to figure out what you need. You may need to step out of your comfort zone, but that is ok. Attributes to strive for are perseverance, positive attitude, faith, respect for others, and good old fashioned hard work. Work hard, but have fun. Don’t take yourself too seriously. One of the best things you can do to get through anything is to laugh and have fun. Also, never take life for granted. Always love your family and friends like it may be the last time you see them, because you never know if it will be.


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Debbie Forster (1984), government and service

Words of Advice from Debbie Forster, MBE, CHS Class of 1984 – Government & Service – 2020-2021 Hall of Honor Inductee: Don’t be afraid to dream big; don’t let fear of failing or what people might think stop you. Every one of us gets things wrong and fails. Success is all about what you do after you fail. And don’t let being scared stop you. I learned a long time ago that being brave is just a matter of doing something while you are scared. If you wait until you’re not scared, then you’ve waited too long. All my very best moments and greatest adventures happened while I was a wee bit terrified!


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Lee K. Howard (2001), sports and entertainment

Words of Advice from Lee K. Howard: Hall of Honor Inductee 2020-2021: My best advice for the next generation of Clovis High School students is to be on the lookout for opportunities that will lead you toward your future career. I would never have imagined how much of an impact my high school experiences would have on me today, and network, network, network. Sometimes, a person’s biggest advantage in a career isn’t what they know but who they know. This can be especially true for landing your first job.


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Anthony McClaren (1996), sports and entertainment

Words of Advice from Hall of Honor Inductee – Anthony McClaren – CHS Class of 1996 – Sports & Entertainment: Be patient. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Accept things that don’t go your way as lessons learned, not failures. Get up when you fall and keep going. You learn a lot more by getting punched in the nose than you do by punching someone.


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2020 Winners

Leon Williams (class of 1937), posthumous award in business and industry.

Words to live by from Leon Williams Hall of Honor Inductee 2020 – 2021 – CHS Class of 1937 – Business & Industry – (Posthumously). “We were put on this earth for a purpose, and that is to help each other.”


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Dr. Becky Rowley (1982), government and service

Words of Advice from Dr. Becky Rowley – Hall of Honor Inductee 2020 – 2021 – CHS Class of 1982 – Government & Service: My best advice to current and future CHS graduates is to learn as much as you can so that you can see how connected the world is and how inter-related people and ideas are. Keep your options open and don’t be afraid to jump at opportunities. And don’t let anyone do your thinking for you.


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Ernie Kos (1975), government and service

Words of Advice from Ernie Kos – 2020-2021 Hall of Honor Inductee: Stay connected with your high school friends. Make your life interesting and fun and full of family and friends, Ohana! It is more important than all the bullet points on your resume. When there is a risk to take, always take it. Find your passion sooner than later. Enjoy the sunrises, sunsets, full moons, waterfalls and traveling to new places. Treasure the time you have left with the ones you love because nothing is more precious. When you have a choice between the most efficient way to get somewhere or the scenic route, take the scenic route. It will give you twice as many reasons to stop, twice as many experiences to treasure, and twice as many memories to take to your grave. Celebrate everything and everyone and love with your whole heart and soul.

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Chris Bryant (1969), Top Cat award for support of CMS

Words of Advice from Chris Bryant – Hall of Honor Inductee 2020-2021:The best advice I can give is to enjoy life, stay in school, and do your best, as your education is vital to your future. Listen to your parents and your peers. Learn to listen and really hear what others are saying.


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Gary Hamilton (1971), Top Cat award for support of CMS.

Words of Advice from Gary Hamilton – Hall of Honor Inductee – 2020-2021: While an education is extremely important and is fundamental in almost every career; from my past experience, and looking back, one of the most important things to successful achievement is to identify your passion and build upon it. As the old adage goes, “If you do what you love, you will never work a day in your life.”


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2019 Winners

Rudy Garcia for Government & Public Service

A 1984 CHS graduate, Rudy Garcia was on the Clovis Boxing Team under Coach Chuck Haas and a member of the Air Force Junior ROTC program under Major Ray Leomazzi and Chief Master Sergeant Bill Gaedke. After graduation, Rudy joined the Army and performed border missions until the Berlin Wall came down in 1989. He was deployed in 1990 to Iraq for Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm. Rudy later trained soldiers for the war on terrorism and retired from the Army in 2008, having received medals for valor nd meritorious service. His work with young people is highly notable. From 2010 to the present, he has successfully worked with various community organizations that include the National Association of State Boards of Education, foster care agencies, the local judicial system, Mission Hope for Kids, local universities, and local businesses to develop, coordinate and implement programs to help students and families that are at-risk, struggling in low socioeconomic environments. The results of his efforts have been significant. Rudy Garcia received his bachelor’s degree from Troy University, his masters degrees from the University of Louisville and McKendree University, and is currently working on his doctorate from Grand Canyon University.

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Jerry P. Large for Government & Public Service

A 1972 CHS graduate, Jerry Large was born in Clovis in 1954 and grew up in a small house on South Upsilon Street. He’s the middle of three sons raised by Viola Bailey Large. His parents, aunts, and uncles grew up in sharecropper families in Texas. In the late 1930s, they came to Clovis, where they found employment as agricultural workers, janitors, and maids. Large earned a B.A. in Journalism from New Mexico State University and worked for the Clovis News-Journal, the Farmington Daily Times, the El Paso Times, the Oakland Tribune and, for 37 years, The Seattle Times. He wrote about inspirational people and challenging issues that included race and poverty. Jerry Large has received awards and honors for his outstanding coverage, including: the Cameron Duncan Media Award at the RESULTS conference in Washington D.C; the Noel Markwell Media Award from the International Society of Political Psychology at a conference in Edinburgh, Scotland, and the J.S. Knight Fellowship at Stanford University. He and his wife, Carey Quan Gelernter , have traveled throughout Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Americas. Their son, Tao Large, is working toward his Ph.D. at Stanford University. Jerry credits his career success to family support and the encouragement of several outstanding teachers.

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Tina Reames for Business & Industry

A 1986 CHS graduate, Tina Reames was born in Texas at an Air Force Base in Port Lavaca  Texas. Her family was stationed in several places, including England. Living in England, in fact, sparked her interest in architecture. This is where she began drawing and playing with Legos. She was a fifth grader when she moved to Clovis.  Later when she was in high school, Tina took Drafting I, II, and III, also took French I, II, and III and was active in French Club. Tina received her Bachelors and Masters degrees in Architecture from the University of New Mexico.  During this time, Tina married and had her son. She began working for Cherry & See Architects in 1992, coming up through the ranks, where she had begun as a student intern. Ultimately, she became a partner in the Albuquerque firm, Cherry, See & Reames, and, then, owner. Tina served as the New Mexico State Intern Development Program Coordinator, a position she held from 2004-2016.  In 2011, she received the New Mexico Architects Medal, an Honor Award from the American Institute of Architects New Mexico Chapter, in appreciation of her exemplary leadership in the profession.  She helped shape the New Mexico Veterans Memorial over two decades and is a Rotarian  with the Albuquerque Metro Rotary  Club. Tina is also a member of the Kirtland Air Force Base Honorary Commander program. A program where civilian leaders are paired with Kirtland Air Force Base leaders to share information and network within the local and military communities. Albuquerque Business First has also named her as a 2019 NM Woman of Influence. 

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Dr. William T. Phillips for Government & Public Service

A 1970 CHS graduate, William Thomas Phillips grew up in Clovis.  His parents, Harold and Sheila, provided him with a highly stimulating  environment in the Phillips House of Music store on Main Street, where he lived above the store as a toddler.  His sister, Jane, helped launch his interest in biology with frequent expeditions to the Clovis Zoo.  He had great teachers and wonderful classmates in Clovis and participated in the award-winning bands of the Clovis schools.  After high school graduation, he earned his Bachelors degree at Eastern New Mexico University in 1974.  His interest in medicine was piqued  during a semester of study in Mexico City, completing a medical degree at the University of Texas at Galveston. He and his wife, Lauren, are blessed to have 3 children, Alison, Trevor, and Caden.  He specialized in Nuclear Medicine at the University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio, joining the faculty to become a full professor in 2001. Dr. Phillips co-authored the first book dedicated to “in vivo”  nano-particle  imaging and nano-particle-delivered radio-nuclide  therapy. He was the first physician to perform clinical PET imaging in San Antonio. In medical research, he pioneered nano-particle medical imaging and studies connecting stomach-emptying to diabetes.  A clinical trial of radio-therapeutic nano-particles for brain cancer is currently underway in his laboratory.

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Dr. Stacee Santi Longfellow for Business & Industry

A 1989 CHS graduate, Stacee was active during her years at Clovis High School in Student Council, National Honor Society, and the Homecoming and Miss Plainsman Courts, and she had strong interests in math and science.  She attended Texas Tech University and was accepted early to Colorado State University College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical  Sciences. She graduated with honors in 1996 with a doctorate in veterinary medicine. Dr. Longfellow has been a small animal veterinarian for over 20 years. She built a referral pet emergency center for the 4-Corners region to deliver life-saving services, including blood donations, chemotherapy, emergency care, and advanced orthopedic and medical services. She also started a nonprofit organization “Furry Friends for Seniors” focused on providing 100% pet care for seniors. Stacee is the CEO and Founder of the multi-million dollar Vet2Pet App Builders, that builds mobile apps for veterinarians so they can connect and communicate with their clients to provide better pet care.  Dr. Longfellow is an international speaker and is regarded as an industry leader on the subjects of innovation, entrepreneurship, and technology-driven veterinary client relationships. She has a column in a leading veterinary journal and was featured in the cover story of a major industry journal called, “Wonder Woman-Female Entrepreneurs Branch Out from Veterinary Practice“.  Stacee presides as President-elect of the Colorado Veterinary Medical Association, advocating for veterinarians at the state capitol and national levels on issues ranging from regulations to minimizing opiate trafficking, to protecting the treatment of all animals. 

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Brooks “Bubba” Jennings for Sports & Entertainment

A 1980 CHS graduate, Bubba was born in Farmington but moved to Clovis at five months old with his parents, who were both educators. His mother taught at Cameo Elementary for 27 years, and his father was an award-winning coach at Clovis High School.  He has two sisters, Diane and Mitzi, and he and his wife, Jackie, have 3 children and one grandchild. Bubba was interested in basketball from an early age, and his father created innovative strategies to help Bubba build his skills. This early training led to an outstanding high school basketball career. Jennings led Clovis to a New Mexico AAAA  state championship in his junior season, and he was named to the Class 4A all-state team. Named New Mexico Player of the Year in 1980, he earned All-American and Academic All-American team honors from the National High School Coaches Association. Upon high school graduation, he was inducted into the Panhandle Sports Hall of Fame.  Bubba earned his Bachelors degree from Texas Tech University. During his time as a Red Raider, Jennings recorded 1,727 points, 378 assists, and 149 steals. As a college senior, he was honored with the Frances Pomeroy  Naismith  Award, the prestigious national award given to the best men’s collegiate basketball player, standing 6 feet or less. During that season, he paced the Red Raiders to a conference championship and the NCAA Tournament, Tech’s first appearance in nine years. Bubba was named 1985 Southwest Conference Basketball Player of the Year; was drafted by the Dallas Mavericks, and played professional basketball in Europe.  Bubba was inducted into the Texas Tech Hall of Honor, 1995; the Southwest Conference Hall of Fame, 2014; and the New Mexico Sports Hall of Fame in 2019. Coach Jennings won two State Basketball Titles as head coach in Artesia, was Assistant Basketball Coach at Texas Tech from 2007 to 2012 and is currently head basketball coach at Peaster   High School in Peaster, Texas.

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John Charles Urban for Top Cat

(awarded posthumously)


John Charles Urban was born April 26, 1937, in Des Moines  Iowa. He graduated from Urbandale  High School in Des Moines and attended Drake University. He moved to Clovis in 1957 and went to work for KICA TV & Radio Station in the production of ads, news, and weather. He then joined the New York Life Insurance Company in 1957. John was the voice of the Wildcat Band beginning in 1958. He married Mary Nell McCullough  on July 23 in 1960, in Clovis, New Mexico. John was well known for his rendition  of the National Anthem at Clovis Wildcat football games during the course of many years. John was also the voice of the Clovis Community Band since its inception . He was a member of First United Methodist Church and the Clovis Noon Day Kiwanis  Club.

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2018 Winners

Walter Bradley for Government & Public Service

Walter grew up in Clovis and graduated from Clovis High School in 1964. He attended Eastern New Mexico University and then began his career at in Dallas at Texas Instruments. He excelled in private business, and when he returned to New Mexico, he built a successful real estate business. Walter was first elected to the New Mexico State Senate in 1989 and served from 1989 to 1992. While in the Senate, Senator Bradley was recognized by the New Mexico Association of Commerce and Industry with their highest legislative rating. He was elected as the 27th Lieutenant Governor of the state of New Mexico in November 1994 and served from 1995 through 2003. Walter has received numerous awards recognizing his efforts to help New Mexicans. Walter has served on numerous boards and associations, remaining active in serving his community. He is currently working for the Dairy Farmers of America.

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Joseph Durepos for Sports and Entertainment Narration

Joseph, 1974 graduate of Clovis High School, left Clovis in 1975 to follow a path he thought would bring him into the Church and ministry. While studying religion in college, he had a part-time job in a bookstore, and found he had a new vocation: books. After a few years of being a bookseller, he applied for a job with Random House Publishers in New York.  He got the job and never looked back. Since 1977, Joe has either sold books to customers, sold books to retailers, sold books to publishers, and finally for the last 16 years, he has published them. Joseph is the Executive Editor for trade book acquisitions at Loyola Press. As an independent literary agent, specializing in religion and inspiration titles, he has sold over 150 projects that include, No Greater Love, by Mother Theresa, selling over 500,000 copies worldwide.  As an editor, he has published over 300 books, including many New York Times Best Selling authors, like Fr. James Martin’s, My Life with the Saints, Joan Wester Anderson’s In the Arms of Angels, and Matthew Kelly’s, The Rhythm of Life. Recently published was a children’s book, Dear Pope Francis, written by Pope Francis.  It was # 5 on the New York Times Best Seller list, was printed in 20 languages, and swept all major awards for Catholic publishers. A number of his books have also won Publisher’s Weekly Best Books of the Year Awards.  According to Joseph, “Spending my entire adult life in the world of books, authors, and publishing has been a dream come true.”

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Armando Jaurequi for Business and Industry

Armando Jaurequi’s father was in the United States Army, and after his parents were married, they were sent to West Germany.  Armando was born in Germany, and when he was seven, the family moved back to the United States. In 1984, they moved to Clovis, where his father worked as a locomotive engineer for the Santa Fe Railroad.  Armando graduated from Clovis High School in 1987. Medical Science was always a passion for Armando. He was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at age 7 and was always around medical professionals. When he started to college, he quickly realized that his first love was pharmacology. After working on several research teams, he worked as a Senior Clinical Research Pharmacologist at AbbVie Pharmaceutical.  Armando was a consultant in Infectious Diseases (HCV and HIV) for 3 ½ years, dedicated to the Viekira compound. He was part of a team of 28-30 members, where he ensured that FDA guidelines were followed by doctors and lawyers when dealing with this investigational drug.  The team took this drug to phases two and three for FDA approval.  There was a 98% success rate in human trials.  It is a pivotal cure, with much work involved, and among Armando’s responsibilities, his team members remember his attention to detail, critical thinking skills, and articulation when presenting to physicians and meeting deadlines. The FDA gave approval of Viekira Pak for patients around the world diagnosed with Genotype 1 Hepatitis C (HCV). Dr. Edward Cox of the FDA said, “The new generation of therapeutics for Hepatitis C Virus is changing the treatment paradigm for Americans living with the disease.” Armando’s team later helped other pharmaceutical companies understand there was an unmet need for other HCV compounds for patients around the world infected by HCV. Currently, Armando is working with Bayer Pharmaceutical as a Lead Pharmacologist in the Cardiovascular Division, specifically Diabetic Kidney Disease, with the possibility to jump start the Heart Failure program, now dependent on grant money.

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Patrick Lyons for Government and Public Service

Pat graduated from Clovis High School in 1972 and received a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Economics from New Mexico State University and a Masters from Colorado State University.  He worked 2 years at the Department of Agriculture in Washington D.C. and then returned to Clovis to work with his family. Pat served as a Senator in the New Mexico legislature for 10 years, then served 2 terms as Commissioner of Public Lands, and he has currently served 2 terms on the Public Regulation Committee. While serving in public office, Pat has received several awards including:  Business Star Award, 6 years in a row, from the Association of Commerce and Industry, and Legislator of the Year from ARC.  He also received the Pete Porter Award from the oil and gas industry.  Pat was actively involved in saving CAFB and expanding the bombing range. He has always believed in the great potential of New Mexico and the Clovis community.

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Donna Quinn for Top Cat

Donna moved to Clovis from Lubbock in 1963 and graduated from Clovis High School in 1964.  She attended Eastern New Mexico University, where she received a Bachelor’s degree in English and Psychology with a teaching minor in French. Later, she received a Master’s in Psychology, with a counseling credential.  Donna also met her future husband, Steve Quinn, while she was at Eastern.  She taught at various schools, which included teaching English for five years at Yucca Junior High. Donna then attended Texas Tech University Law School and received her J.D. in 1983. She began practicing law with her husband and father-in-law in Clovis, and Esther Van Soelen was one of her mentors. Donna was the second female attorney to practice law in Clovis.  In 1989, with much encouragement from the community, she ran for the school board; and became the first woman to be elected to the Clovis School Board. Donna felt it was a great learning experience and allowed her to continue to serve the community.  Her 35 year law practice has been dedicated to family law, and Donna was the guardian ad litem for children in CYFD’s custody for over 21 years. Many of those children still stop by her office to say hello. After all these years, she still believes that teaching English was her highest calling.

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Esther Smith Van Soelen for Top Cat

Esther was born in Clovis and decided at an early age, that she wanted to be a lawyer, like her father.  She attended Cottey College, the University of Oklahoma, and received a law degree from the University of Oklahoma in 1951. While in law school, she became the first female editor of the law review. A life-long learner, she also received a Bachelor’s in Anthropology and a Master’s in Religion from Eastern New Mexico University.  Upon completion of her law degree, Esther returned to her hometown and began practicing law with her father. She was the first female attorney in Clovis and was only the 16th female attorney licensed in New Mexico, at the time. Esther was a highly respected member of the legal community.  She also taught at Clovis Community College for many years.  Esther was active in her church, where she served at the district and conference levels.  She was actively involved in PEO, Ranchers Camp Meeting Association of the Southwest, the Girl Scouts, CHS Band Boosters, and ENMRSHARC.  Esther and her husband sponsored two students from Bosnia, after civil war wrecked their country.  They became extended members of the Van Soelen family.

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2017 Winners

Ginger Gurley Gilbert Ravella for Government & Public Service

A motivational speaker and author, Mrs. Ravella is an advocate for Folds of Honor, a non-profit organization that provides educational benefits for the families of fallen and wounded military. Her book, Hope Found, written with her second husband, Col. Jim Ravella, is a story of hope, faith, and perseverance. Her brave ten-year quest for the return of the fully recovered remains of her heroic first husband, killed in Iraq in 2006, was recounted in Time Magazine. She is also a contributing writer to PGA Magazine and has been a guest speaker on numerous national radio and television programs. Ginger is a Gold Star Family advocate locally, nationally, and internationally.

Wilma Fulgham for Government & Public Service

Mrs. Fulgham was the first New Mexico State Fair Queen in 1950. She earned the title of Mrs. Clovis in 1954 and was named New Mexico Cowbelle of the Year in 1976. She founded and organized the Pioneer Days Rodeo Queen Pageant and Little Buckaroo Rodeo in the late ’70’s. As National Director of Miss Rodeo America in New Mexico, she has influenced young ladies to become women of character, and was inducted into the Miss Rodeo America Hall of Fame in 2008. Mrs. Fulgham is recognized as an important resource for the newspaper concerning the agricultural history of Curry County. Her dedication to her community as a tireless volunteer has enriched our community.

Kathleen M. Rodgers for Sports & Entertainment

Author of three successful novels that include her latest, Seven Wings to Glory. Rodgers’ second novel, Johnnie Come Lately, has garnered four awards: First Place Winner for women’s fiction from Texas Association of Authors 2016 Best Book Awards, 2015 Gold Medal for literary fiction from Military Writers Society of America, Bronze Medal for women’s fiction from Readers’ Favorite 2015 International Book Awards, & 2015 Best Cover Awards from Southern Writers Magazine. This novel has been featured in several national publications. Rodgers is also the author of the award-winning novel, The Final Salute, featured in USA Today, The Associated Press, and Military Times. Rodgers was named a Distinguished Alumna from Tarrant County College.

Dr. Dustin Reid for Business & Industry

Founder of Restora Austin Plastic Surgery Centre, Austin, Texas. He graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science degree from Texas Tech University and was honored as the Outstanding Biology Science Student for his graduating class. He received his medical degree from Texas Tech University and was selected as Best Surgical Student and Outstanding Overall Medical Student by the faculty. Dr. Reid completed his residency at Good Samaritan Hospital, and was a featured trauma surgeon on the Learning Channel’s, Trauma, Life in the ER. Dr. Reid trained in plastic surgery at Emory University Hospital. He has been identified as a top plastic surgeon and has received numerous awards. Dr. Reid also volunteers his time on mission trips to less-developed countries to repair cleft lips, palates, and complex craniofacial anomalies in newborns and children.

John & Robyn Snowberger for Top Cat

The Snowbergers moved from San Francisco to New Mexico in 1977. They purchased McDonald’s in Portales, Clovis, and Tucumcari and have always been strong supporters of the Clovis Schools. They provide student employees 2 hours paid study time per week and half price meals when not working, and they also offer flexible scheduling to not interfere with school functions. They have supported many school discount cards, and in 2016, donated a total of 2,645 food coupons to schools. They have also provided food to the JV football team on game night for many years. The Snowbergers have sponsored McTeachers Night at McDonald’s, where 20% of the proceeds are donated back to the school. In 2016, they sponsored the CHS Girls Basketball Shootout, and are a major sponsor of the Abolish Truancy Program through the District Attorney’s Office. In 2016 – 2017, they sponsored Truancy and Attendance Incentive Programs at the three CMS middle schools.

2016 Winners

Lonnie Leslie for Government & Public Service

Lonnie Leslie received his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from Eastern New Mexico University. He began his career as a high school drafting teacher and served as a principal, Assistant Superintendent for Business and also Assistant Superintendent for Operations. Lonnie retired after 33 years of service to the Clovis Municipal Schools. He is Chairman of the Plains Regional Medical Center Board of Directors, past President of Clovis Rotary, Rotary District Governor, and Chairman of the Curry County DWI Task Force. He is also Vice President of the CMS Foundation Board. Lonnie was named Citizen of the Year by the Curry County Chamber of Commerce and was inducted into the ENMU Educator Hall of Honors. He has previously been named Rotarian of the Year, and New Mexico School Administrator of the Year.

Dr. Andrew Hsi for Government & Public Service

Dr. Andrew Hsi received his bachelor’s degree from Stanford University in 1975, attended medical school at the University of California, San Diego and graduate school at the University of Washington. He did his internship and residency at the University of New Mexico School of Medicine. Dr. Hsi is a pediatrician, author of medical books and journals, received the Alice H. Cushing Award for Humanity in Medicine, and is a Professor of Pediatrics and Family and Community Medicine at UNM Medical School. He developed, with a colleague, a “Family Focused Medical Home” model of primary care for families affected by two generations of Affected Childhood Experiences, such as substance abuse disorders, family violence, and persistent mental illness that present adverse experiences to children that overwhelm the capacity of the children to deal with stresses. The medical home includes home visiting team members to provide parenting support and intensive child development early intervention services. The provision of early intervention helps the parents meet their goals for their children’s health and development and to address the health risk behaviors that threaten the well being of the entire family.

Johnny Mulhair for Sports & Entertainment

Johnny Mulhair and his wife, Jill, established the Johnny Mulhair Recording Studio in Clovis, after years of performing. He and Jill are respected for offering excellent recording services. Johnny is a musician himself and has been named as one of the Top 10 Guitarists in the Country by Music Row Magazine in Nashville, Tennessee. LeAnn Rimes recorded the album that began her career in his studio. Her album, “Blue”, has gone platinum eight times, and Johnny received Country Music Association (CMA) and Academy of Country Music (ACM) nominations for its recording and production. He has also recorded Will Banister’s music, and has performed as part of “Will Bannister and the Mulberry Band”.

B.J. Pierce for Sports & Entertainment

B.J. Pierce received a bachelor’s degree in 1949 and a master’s degree in 1962 from Eastern New Mexico University. He became a national champion roper by winning three consecutive International Rodeo Association (IRA) calf-roping titles. B.J. is the only three-time IRA calf-roping champion. He estimates he won around $130,000 in his rodeo career, which would be in the million-dollar range in today’s money. He won enough in the 1940’s to pay his and his wife’s way through college for all four years. In addition to his rodeo career, B.J. taught for 31 years in the Clovis Schools, and was the principal at Lincoln Jackson and James Bickley. He was inducted into the National Western Cowboy Hall of Fame and Museum in Oklahoma City on September 25, 2015.

Charles Wade for Business & Industry

Charles Wade graduated from ENMU in 1957 and then joined the US Army. After military service, he owned Wade’s Sporting Goods in Clovis and sponsored a local champion softball team. He sold real estate for many years and owned Magistrate court buildings and other government properties throughout New Mexico. Charles was a member of the First United Methodist Church, the Clovis Executive Association, and was active in the Democratic Party. Charles was the Assistant to former State Senator Caleb Chandler. He was past president of the Clovis Chamber of Commerce, a member of the Committee of Fifty, was on the Clovis Memorial Hospital Board, and the State of New Mexico Optical Board. Charles actively supported Hartley House and Lighthouse Mission. He supplied uniforms and sponsored sports teams throughout Eastern New Mexico for over 25 years.

Stanley Glen for Business & Industry

Stanley Glen graduated from Colorado State University in 1961 with a degree in civil engineering. He was an officer in the US Navy and a Vietnam Veteran. Larry later bought the family business, Glenco, Inc., that had been established in 1954 by his father, and ventured into fabricating structural steel for buildings. The company has served as a premier provider of structural steel fabrication for projects in every state west of the Mississippi River. Projects have included nuclear power plants, government buildings, schools, and churches. Structured steel products fabricated and furnished by Glenco support a large number of local businesses and Cannon Air Force Base. Larry was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award in 2008 by the Curry County Chamber of Commerce. He established a Foundation at Glenco that has given thousands of dollars to numerous organizations and also established a full ride scholarship program for his employees and their families, to attend Clovis Community College or Eastern NM University. Larry was a founding partner of the Clovis Municipal Schools Foundation and also established the Foundation at the First United Methodist Church.

Jim Hailey Jr. for Top Cat

Jim Hailey Jr. is a native of Clovis and was a proud member of the “Fighting Wildcats”. He attended New Mexico State University and ran his parent’s business, Der Wienerschnitzel, in Las Cruces. When he returned to Clovis, he began operating the “Der” in Clovis. His store became the #1 Wienerschnitzel in the United States two years in a row. He was recognized nationally and gave the keynote address for the Franchise at the convention in Las Vegas. Jim is known for his endless support and dedication to the Clovis community and schools. He has provided hot dogs for the players and coaches after every CHS home football game for over 40 years and has always provided hot dogs for community functions or school events. Jim has sponsored and employed CHS students every year and encourages each student. He has also served as an official for the Clovis Football Association for 29 years.

2015 Winners

Dr. William Price Hale & Mrs. Sue Barnett Hale for Government & Public Service

Dr. William Price Hale graduated from the University of Louisville Medical School in 1958. He moved to Amarillo in 1962 and was in private practice for 40 years caring for nearly 90,000 families. In 2001, he joined the faculty at Texas Tech School of Medicine as a clinical professor of surgery and pediatrics. In 2014 he received the President’s Award as Texas Tech’s Outstanding Clinician and was honored for his incredible contributions to Panhandle patients. Known for his devotion to students and residents in their education; for being there when the medical school and his many disadvantaged patients needed him; Dr. Hale has never turned away a patient who cannot pay, and his colleagues describe him as an irreplaceable resource.

Sue Barnett Hale attended Texas Women’s University and ENMU where she earned a degree with a double major in home economics and education. During her husband’s medical training, she taught school and gave birth to their three sons. She managed her husband’s medical practice and raised their children. Mrs. Hale has dedicated herself to community volunteering and is a generous patron and board trustee of many charitable institutions, as well as art and music organizations. She and her husband were awarded the Distinguished Volunteer Golden Nail Award from the Amarillo Chamber Commerce art committee in 2014. The Hales have also funded The Hale Charitable Fund with the Amarillo Area Foundation and the Prayer Room at High Plains Baptist Hospital.

Bret McCasland for Government & Public Service

Bret McCasland graduated from Abilene Christian University in 1984 and received a master’s degree from Lubbock Christian University in 1993. He worked for fifteen years in the ministry and then began working on the worldwide television and radio program, Key to the Kingdom. In 2004, he became the international speaker for the program, with travels, annually, to India to minister to the spiritual and physical needs of the people. In 2011, he established a free clinic in India that assists with the medical needs of hundreds of people each month. Bret is a volunteer chaplain at Amarillo hospitals and is an advocate for abused and overlooked children. He also volunteers to feed and assist the poor and homeless in Amarillo. Bret has served as an adjunct professor in Bible at ENMU and Oklahoma Christian University.

Chuck Glikas for Sports & Entertainment

Chuck Glikas attended ENMU and is a national award winning watercolor artist recognized for his wildlife and landscape paintings. He hosted the television series, “Images in Watercolor” produced for PBS, which aired nationwide on 152 stations and 800 affiliates of The Learning Channel. The series was nominated for a Daytime Emmy Award. Chuck was commissioned by Grumbacher Paint Manufacturer to conduct watercolor workshops across the country, and he was named NM Wildlife Artist of the Year in 1985. He created a “First of State” New Mexico Conservation Stamp/Print, and the sales went to further conservation of wildlife efforts in NM. The State of NM Tourism Bureau funded a new TV series, “Painting the Land of Enchantment,” hosted by Chuck Glikas that aired on PBS and The Learning Channel. He is now a general contractor but continues to paint and research subjects for new art projects.

Ernest S. Marsh for Business & Industry

Ernest S. Marsh moved to Clovis with his parents and brothers in 1908. His father, Sterling Marsh, established a lumber company in the new railroad town and built the first courthouse and first school in Clovis, with land for the new school donated by the railroad. Elected to serve on the first Clovis Board of Education, Sterling Marsh was in poor health and died in 1912. Ernest Marsh helped support the family after his father’s death by doing various odd jobs, eventually going to work for the Santa Fe Railroad in Clovis as a ticket clerk. Through the years, Marsh progressed to the executive offices of the railroad as a chief clerk. He was named Vice President for Finance in 1948, becoming President of the Santa Fe Railroad in 1957; eventually also serving as Chairman of the Board for the Santa Fe. Marsh was also a graduate of the Advanced Management Program at the Harvard School of Business Administration. He became friends with Walt Disney and agreed to the first five-year renewal of the Santa Fe & Disneyland Railroad. He and Disney shared a mutual interest in railroad preservation and history.

G.C. Ross for Top Cat

G.C. Ross received undergraduate and graduate degrees from Eastern New Mexico University. He began teaching 6th grade in Lovington, NM in 1960 and moved to Clovis as a 4th grade teacher at Eugene Field in 1965. He became the principal at Eugene Field in 1967 and opened Lockwood Elementary in 1971. Ross was named CMS Assistant Superintendent for Instruction in 1986. He provided leadership for CMS in developing and implementing District Performance Evaluation Plans for all staff members and the Competency Based Curriculum for all content areas K-12. He retired in 2001 but was asked to return twice as CMS Interim Superintendent. G.C. Ross has always been dedicated to the Clovis public school children and in service to others. He serves on the Board of Directors for the New Mexico Christian Children’s Home and the Clovis Municipal Schools Education Foundation. He has received the NMCSA Administrator of the Year Award and was inducted into the ENMU Educator Hall of Honors in 2001.

2014 Winners

Herb Edwards for Business & Industry

Herb Edwards is a Mechanical Engineering Consultant at Amarillo Design Services and a Manufacturing Design Engineer. His work includes: Aerospace/military projects for Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Northrup Grumman, Bell Helicopter, and automotive projects for Ford, General Motors, Peterbilt, etc. He also designed and machined assembly tooling for NASA’s Space Shuttle Fuel Tank, Lockheed Martin, and Patriot mobile missile systems

Sandra Lowry Farley for Government & Public Service

Sandra Lowry Farley retired as the Senior Management Advisor for the Center for Drug Evaluation and Research and the Food and Drug Administration. During the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, she was responsible for coordinating the tracking of hundreds of nursing home residents throughout Louisiana.

Dr. Kenneth Mattox for Government & Public Service

Dr. Mattox is a Professor and Distinguished Service Professor in the Michael DeBakey Department of Surgery at Baylor College of Medicine and Chief of Staff/Chief of Surgery at the Ben Taub General Hospital/Houston. He is an innovator in trauma care, and has authored the international best selling textbook, Trauma.

Brooks Jennings for Sports & Entertainment

Brooks Jennings was selected “Greatest Greyhound” in 1959 at Eastern New Mexico University. Two of his ENMU basketball records still stand, and he is the 6th highest all ‐ time ENMU basketball scorer. He has been inducted into the ENMU Hall of Honor and the Officials Association Hall of Fame. Coach Jennings is a retired Clovis High School Athletic Director.

Bill Gaedke for Top Cat

Bill Gaedke began his career in the Clovis Schools as an instructor in the Air Force Junior ROTC program at Clovis High School in 1979 and served as public address announcer for many CHS varsity sports. He has als o been a popular instructor at Eastern New Mexico University. He was recognized as the Clovis Municipal School’s 1998 ‐ 99 Secondary Volunteer of the Year and was selected as a 1999 ‐ 2000 New Mexico Activities Association Sportsmanship Award recipient in the adult category. 

2013 Winners

Dr. Marsha Pomeroy-Huff for Business & Industry

Dr. Pomeroy-Huff received her bachelor’s degree from San Jose State University in 1986 and master’s degrees from Duquesne University in 1988 and the University of Pittsburg in 1996. She received her doctorate from the University of Pittsburg in 1999. Dr. Pomeroy-Huff is the Professional Certification Program Manager at the Software Engineering Institute at Carnegie Mellon University and is an Adjunct Professor in the Master of Software Engineering program at Carnegie Mellon University. She is a lecturer and technical advisor in software process improvement and body-of-knowledge development and also does private consulting in project management, time management, and personal organization techniques. Dr. Pomeroy-Huff has authored several journal and technical articles and has presented at numerous conferences and workshops.

Honorable Jimmie V. Reyna for Government & Public Service

Judge Reyna received a B.A. from the University of Rochester in 1975 and a J.D. from the University of New Mexico School of Law in 1978. He was appointed as Federal Judge to the US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, Washington D.C. by President Obama in 2011. Judge Reyna is a recognized expert in international trade, trade policy, and customs matters. He is a noted and prolific author on trade topics and has earned a stellar reputation as a practitioner, scholar, advocate, and humanitarian. He served in numerous positions for the American Bar Association and served as National President of the Hispanic National Bar Association. Judge Reyna is a recipient of the Ohtli Award, the highest honor bestowed by the Mexican government for non-Mexican citizens.

Tim Sanders for Sports & Entertainment

Tim Sanders attended Loyola Marymount University and graduate school at the University of Arizona. He is a popular national and international keynote speaker, a business consulting expert, and an international best-selling author. He is the CEO of Los Angeles tech start-up Net Minds and founder of Deeper Media Incorporated that conducts research on business trends, new media, and human behavior. Prior to these positions, he was the Chief Solutions Officer at Yahoo, as well as Leadership Coach. Mr. Sanders is a strategic consultant to leading brands, associations, and government agencies.

Lynell Skarda for Top Cat

Lynell Griffith Skarda was born on August 28,1915 in Clovis. Mr. Skarda received a B.S. in Chemistry from the University of California, Berkeley. He graduated from Washington & Lee University School of Law in 1941 and practiced law in Clovis for eight decades. He was the District Attorney for the 9th Judicial District of New Mexico early in his career, and he served in the Army Air Corps during World War II. In 1954, he was admitted to the bar of the U.S. Supreme Court and won his case, Moore v. Mead’s Fine Bread Company. He was Chairman of the Board of The Citizens Bank of Clovis, which was founded by his family. Mr. Skarda was a strong supporter of Clovis and numerous local agencies personally and through The Citizens Bank of Clovis. He died at home in Clovis on September 2, 2012. 

Eric Roanhaus for Top Cat

Eric Roanhaus graduated with a B.S. degree from West Texas University in 1969 and a Masters degree from Eastern New Mexico University in 1984. He coached at West Texas University for one year and two years at Canyon High School. He has coached football for 40 years at Clovis High School and has been the head football coach for 35 years. During the 2012 football season, he became New Mexico’s Prep Football Coach with the most Career wins. Honors that Coach Roanhaus has received include: New Mexico Coach of the Year, Amarillo Globe News Coach of the Year, National Regional Coach of the Year, New Mexico High School Coaches Association Hall of Fame, and Amarillo Globe News Hall of Fame.

2012 Winners

Dr. Jack Elton Bresenham for Business & Industry

Dr. Bresenham received his Bachelor’s degree from the University of New Mexico and his Master’s and Ph.D. from Stanford University. He was named University of New Mexico’s Distinguished Engineer in 2003. Dr. Bresenham was profiled in the Stanford News as one of 500 Stanford graduates from the first 100 years of Stanford as a representative significant achiever. Dr. Bresenham worked for IBM as a Senior Technical Staff Member for 27 years and taught at Winthrop University for 16 years. He holds nine patents. Bresenham’s Line Algorithm is his most well known innovation. It determines which points on a 2-dimensional raster should be plotted in order to form a straight line between two given points, and is commonly used to draw lines on a computer screen. It is one of the earliest algorithms discovered in the field of computer graphics.

Kendra Merritt Doyel for Business & Industry

Kendra Doyel earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Pharmacy from the University of New Mexico. Mrs. Doyel is Group Vice President of Marketing and Public Relations of the Ralph’s Grocery Company and Food 4 Less. The Ralph’s Grocery Company is part of the Kroger Company, one of the country’s largest grocery retailers. Progressive Grocer recognized Kendra with the Top Women in Grocery “Rising Star” award, and she also received the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation’s “Power of One” award for her work in raising awareness for breast cancer and early detection. Mrs. Doyel is a member of the Executive Committee for the Board of Directors of the Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce and is a member of the Board of Directors for the California Grocers Association. She works to promote women in business and the community by co-chairing the Southern California Network of Executive Women.

Honorable Robert C. Brack for Government & Public Service

Robert Brack received his Bachelor’s degree from Eastern New Mexico University, attended Tulane University School of Law, and received his Juris Doctor degree from the University of New Mexico. Judge Brack was in private practice for 19 years and was appointed by Governor Gary Johnson as District Court Judge, 9th Judicial District Court, Clovis, New Mexico in 1997. In 2003, President George W. Bush nominated him to a new seat on the United States District Court for the District of New Mexico. He received his commission on July 15, 2003. Judge Brack was recognized as Eastern New Mexico University’s “Outstanding Alumni” in 2003 and “Outstanding Federal Jurist” by the American Board of Trial Advocates in 2011. The Las Cruces Rotary Club awarded him the Paul Harris Fellow in 2011, and he is the Co-Founder of “Honor Flight” that honors World War II Veterans.

Jana Stanfield for Sports & Entertainment

Jana Stanfield is a songwriter, singer, world traveler, and motivational speaker. She wrote the hit song, “If I Had Only Known”, sung by Reba McEntire and has worked with numerous performers that range from Kenny Loggins to the Dixie Chicks. Ms. Stanfield owns her own record company, has recorded several CD’s, and has performed at Carnegie Hall. Her songs have been heard on Entertainment Tonight, Oprah, and 20/20. Jana also owns her own motivational speaking business. She is a keynote speaker at conferences and corporate events and conducts worldwide tours. Ms. Stanfield is involved in several global activities for good that include: Bali Girls Orphanage, Women Helping Women, Muscular Dystrophy, and Music Therapy. Jack Canfield, CEO of Chicken Soup for the Soul Enterprises says that, “Jana is a multi-faceted, multi-talented person….”

Norman Vohs for Top Cat

Clovis residents knew Norman Vohs as “Mr. Wildcat” for his more than six decades of support for Clovis athletic teams. He graduated from Clovis High School in 1936, and although he could not play sports due to lifelong motor skill impairments, he helped lead football teams onto the field and basketball teams onto the court every year after he graduated. When Norman Vohs could no longer walk and had to use a wheelchair, his nephew or the coaches would wheel him onto the sidelines, where he would sit and cheer the teams wearing a blanket with the Clovis Wildcats’ purple and white colors. It was said that Norman “bled purple”. Everybody loved him, and he was part of every team. In 1973, the Norman Vohs Junior High Stadium was dedicated to him. Norman Vohs died at age 84 in 2000.

Tom and Gail Martin for Top Cat

Tom and Gail Martin attended Cornell University in New York, moved to Clovis in the early 1970’s, and invested in the Taco Box franchise. Tom and Gail are known for their active support of the Clovis Schools and the Clovis Community. The “Tacos for A’s” program gave away over 125,000 tacos to students who did well on their report cards. They were instrumental in adding varsity soccer to Clovis Schools and support several school activities. They also sponsor the 4th of July fireworks event, “Smoke on the Water”, which is the single most well attended event in Clovis. They have added a Christmas Light Show, and their business received the 2010 VIVA Award. The award recognizes New Mexico businesses that demonstrate their unique vision or corporate philosophy, as well as their investment in company employees and the community, their vitality through the organization’s growth or financial strength, and their action to make New Mexico a better place to live. 

2011 Winners

Randy Harris for Business & Industry

Randy Harris is the CEO and President of the Bank of Clovis. He has served on the New Mexico Military Base Planning Commission, the New Mexico Finance Authority Commission, and Chaired Operation Keep Cannon. He was named Clovis’ Citizen of the Year in 2004 and received the Governor’s New Mexico Distinguished Public Service Award in 2006. He was named to the Eastern New Mexico University Board of Regents in 2009. 

Brig. Gen. Ben T. Robinson for Government & Public Service

General Robinson entered the Air Force in 1973. Prior to entering the Air Force, he served as a helicopter aircraft commander for the U.S. Army in South Vietnam, where he flew 350 combat missions. He retired as Commander, 552nd Air Control Wing, Tinker Air Force Base, Oklahoma. Some of his Awards and Decorations include: Legion of Merit with oak leaf cluster, Bronze Star Medal, Defense Meritorious Service Medal, Meritorious Service Medal with two oak leaf clusters, Air Medal with eight oak leaf clusters, ENMU 2010 Outstanding Alumni. 

John Harris for Sports & Entertainment

A three-time All-American at Lubbock Christian University, John Harris was drafted by the California Angels and played professionally for nine years, spending three years in the major leagues with the Angels from 1979 to 1981. He played first base and outfield. John Harris has spent over 20 years managing and coaching in professional baseball, where he has been regarded as one of the finest hitting instructors by his peers and is known for his ability to recruit players. He was inducted into the Lubbock Christian University Hall of Honor in 1997. 

Norman Petty for Sports & Entertainment

Norman and Vi Petty were hit recording artists, independent record producers, and pioneers who helped shape modern pop music and changed the sound of rock and roll. The Pettys founded the Norman Petty Trio, along with guitarist Jack Vaughn. In 1956, their major hit record “Mood Indigo” sold a half million copies. The Pettys are most famous for their recording studio in Clovis. The first big record from the studio was “Party Doll” sung by Buddy Knox in 1956. Petty produced 40-50 Buddy Holly records and co-wrote many of the songs. Most became million sellers as a single or on an album collection. They include: “That’ll be the Day”, “Peggy Sue”, “It’s So Easy”, and “Everyday”. Petty also produced the #1 1963 hit “Sugar Shack” by Jimmy Gilmer and the Fireballs. 

Norvil Howell for Top Cat

Norvil Howell was CHS Band Director from 1956 to 1980 and was the CMS Director of Music from 1980-1997. His high school bands performed with distinction and honor in Chicago, Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., Orlando, Florida, Tempe, Arizona, Oklahoma, Texas, and New Mexico. Under his direction, the CHS Band marched in the 1973 Presidential Inaugural Parade in Washington DC, and the Clovis High School Band was named the outstanding band in its class at several band contests and festivals. Mr. Howell has served as NMMEA President, and honors include: ENMU Outstanding Alumni, 1995, New Mexico Activities Association Hall of Fame, 2004, New Mexico Music Educators Association Music Educator of the Year in 1988, and NMMEA Hall of Fame Award in 2001. 

2010 Winners

Dr. Alvy Ray Smith for Business & Industry

Dr. Smith is the co-founder of Pixar Films. He directed the first use of full computer graphics in a successful major motion picture: “Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan”. Among his many accomplishments are two Academy Awards for computer animation production. We are proud of Dr. Smith’s exceptional accomplishments, and it is with great honor he is inducted to the Clovis High School Hall of Honor. 

NIck Brady for Top Cat

Mr. Brady began his career as the sales manager and sports director at a local radio station. Known as “The Voice of the Wildcats” he is a great supporter and fan of Clovis Wildcats and became the play-by-play announcer for their football and basketball games in 1968. We are proud of Mr. Brady’s exceptional accomplishments, and it is with great honor he is inducted to the Clovis High School Hall of Honor. 

Justice Nathan Hecht for Government & Public Service

Justice Hecht attended Yale University and graduated with honors in 1971. Then, he attended Southern Methodist University Law School and graduated cum laude. He began his judicial service in 1981 when he was appointed to the 95th District Court of Dallas County. In 1988, he was elected to the Texas Supreme Court. We are proud of Justice Hecht’s exceptional accomplishments, and it is with great honor he is inducted to the Clovis High School Hall of Honor. 

Cecil M. Davis for Sports & Entertainment

Mr. Davis excelled in sports and while attending Wayland Baptist College he set records in baseball and basketball, and was inducted to Wayland’s Athletic Hall of Honor in 2005. He played professional baseball from 1951 to 1955 with the Detroit Tigers and Cincinnati Reds organizations. We are proud of Mr. Davis’ exceptional accomplishments, and it is with great honor he is inducted to the Clovis High School Hall of Honor.